Torpedo: Directed by Sven Huybrechts. With Koen De Bouw, Thure Riefenstein, Ella-June Henrard, Joren Seldeslachts. During the height of World War II, commander Stan and a courageous group of resistance fighters are given a suicide mission to deliver a stolen Nazi submarine filled with atomic uranium. Hunted down by Hitler's army, the motley crew must outwit and outmaneuver relentless German. Torpedo definition is - a weapon for destroying ships by rupturing their hulls below the waterline: such as. How to use torpedo in a sentence. Did you know

Define torpedo. torpedo synonyms, torpedo pronunciation, torpedo translation, English dictionary definition of torpedo. n. pl. tor·pe·does 1. A cigar-shaped, self-propelled underwater projectile launched from a submarine, aircraft, or ship and designed to detonate on contact.. The Torpedo 62 (Export designation: Torpedo 2000) from Saab is a dual-purpose heavy weight torpedo system in use with the submarine fleet of the Royal Swedish Navy. It can be effectively launched against all types of submarines and surface ships. The Torpedo 62 has a launch weight of 1,450kg and can carry high explosive warhead The latest tweets from @torpedoAI The Torpedo's tapered tip leads the way, easing access into and around the joint space. The oval outer window shape limits tissue size to reduce clogging and the precision cutting edges with dual inner cutting windows resect tissue cleanly and aggressively

MAG B560 TORPEDO. Supports 10th Gen Intel ® Core™, 11th Gen Intel ® Core™, Pentium ® Gold and Celeron ® processors for LGA 1200 socket. Supports DDR4 Memory, up to 5066 (OC) MHz. Lightning M.2: Running at PCIe Gen4 x4 maximizes performance for NVMe based SSDs Der moderne Torpedo ist eine Unterwasserwaffe mit eigenem Antrieb und einer Sprengladung. Er zündet bei Kontakt oder bei Annäherung an ein Ziel. Der Torpedo ist vor allem als Hauptwaffe von U-Booten bekannt, kann jedoch auch von Überwasserschiffen, Flugzeugen und Hubschraubern eingesetzt und von Land aus verschossen werden. Verwendung fand er außer auf U-Booten vor allem auf Torpedobooten. Torpédo je druh munície, ktorá sa pohybuje samostatne pod vodnou hladinou a je vybavená vlastným pohonom a kormidlami.Je určená na ničenie ponorených častí objektov, predovšetkým lodí a ponoriek. Torpédo môže byť vypúšťané z lodí, torpédových člnov a ponoriek, zhadzované z lietadiel a vrtuľníkov i vypúšťané z pobrežných obranných stavieb The Mark 14 torpedo was the United States Navy's standard submarine-launched anti-ship torpedo of World War II.This weapon was plagued with many problems which crippled its performance early in the war. It was supplemented by the Mark 18 electric torpedo in the last two years of the war. From December 1941 to November 1943 the Mark 14 and the destroyer-launched Mark 15 torpedo had numerous. En torpedo er et selvbevegelig maritimt våpen som ble utviklet fra slutten av 1860-årene.Torpedoen består av en sprengladning, motor, drivstoff/trykklufttank og propell.De første torpedoene hadde en aksjonsradius på noen hundre meter og en fart på 6-7 knop.Før dette hadde man hatt slepetorpedoer og stangtorpedoer.Torpedoene ble kontinuerlig forbedret og utviklet seg over tid til et.

The latest tweets from @torpedo_____ Torpedo Live Digital Loadbox/ Speaker Simulator. The Torpedo Live Digital Loadbox/Speaker Simulator is a combination of an analog REACTIVE 100W RMS loadbox and a powerful 32-bit DSP. The Torpedo Live was directly inspired by the critically acclaimed Torpedo VB-101, the first-ever digital loadbox to have hit the market torpedo definition: 1. a long, thin bomb that travels underwater in order to destroy the ship at which it is aimed 2. Learn more Tags: wwii wwii history world war ii world war ii homefront german british shipwreck ship torpedo cape hatteras ocracoke island navy submarine u-boat torpedo junction us history u.s. history world war ii threatened coastlines lighthouse cape hatteras national seashor MAG X570S TORPEDO MAX. Supports AMD Ryzen™ 5000 Series, 5000 G-Series, 4000 G-Series, 3000 Series, 3000 G-Series, 2000 Series and 2000 G-Series desktop processors; Supports DDR4 Memory, up to 5100(OC) MHz; Premium Thermal Solution: Extended Heatsink Design and M.2 Shield Frozr are built for high performance system and non-stop work

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Torpedo, cigar-shaped, self-propelled underwater missile, launched from a submarine, surface vessel, or airplane and designed for exploding upon contact with the hulls of surface vessels and submarines. A modern torpedo contains intricate devices to control its depth and direction according to Torpedo definition, a self-propelled, cigar-shaped missile containing explosives and often equipped with a homing device, launched from a submarine or other warship, for destroying surface vessels or other submarines. See more Torpedo. 51 likes · 3 talking about this. ‎هم منتجات تحسين الذكور عالية الجودة. لديها القدرة على جعل المستحيل ممكنا.

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Speedrunner for 6 years, always trying to push my times to be the best they can Torpedo Howell. Diseñado por el contraalmirante J. A. Howell, su desarrollo empezó en 1870 y fue completado en 1889. Fue el primer torpedo móvil exitoso de Estados Unidos, pues tenía un péndulo que guiaba el curso del torpedo para que tuviera buena dirección en la superficie

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Torpedo. 1,032 likes · 2 talking about this · 888 were here. Nekada su velike tvornice značile puno, a Tvornica Torpedo mogla se nazvati istinskom industrijskom baštinom našeg grada, čak i puno prije.. En torpedo er et selv-fremdrevet projektil som opererer under vandet og som er designet til at detonere ved kontakt eller passage af et mål. Torpedoer affyres traditionelt fra undervandsbåde, men kan også nedkastes fra flyvemaskiner eller afskydes fra krigsskibe og kystforter. Moderne torpedoer kan enten programmeres til at sejle en bestemt rute, kan være akustisk selvsøgende mod. Torpedo Comics. Your comic shop's favorite comic shop! ️ Tag @torpedocomics to be featured! Located in Las Vegas! Call us at (702) 444-4432 ! linktr.ee/torpedocomics. Posts. Reels. IGTV Tagged

A Torpedó kétszemélyes stratégiai táblajáték, mely 2x2 db négyzetarányos táblán játszható.A győzelemhez ki kell lőni az ellenfél összes hajóját. Bár a Torpedó táblás játék, leginkább papíron szokták játszani. Nézet. Mindkét játékos előtt két darab vízszintesen betűzött, és függőlegesen számozott tábla van Torpedo nobiliana. This large ray has an oval pectoral disc, two lobed dorsal fins on its stout tail, and a large caudal (tail) fin, all dark gray-brown on top and light underneath. Kidney-shaped electric organs on either side of its head are barely visible in the pectoral fins, but can deliver a stunning shock to humans or kill small fish

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  1. The torpedo was the initial format for the Mk 44 and Mk 46 torpedoes, which were rocket propelled. Also in the 1950s, submarines acquired nuclear propulsion, which made them faster. A faster torpedo also had to be developed. The Mk 45 provided speeds up to 40 knots and a range of 11,000 to 15,000 yards. It was eventually replaced with the Mk 48.
  2. The torpedo, is an explosive projectile weapon that moves by itself (using a propeller), launched above or below the water surface, that goes underwater toward a target, and made to explode when it hits a target or is near to it. Torpedoes may be launched from submarines, surface ships, helicopters, aircraft, land etc. Robert Whitehead invented the torpedo in 1866
  3. Torpedo operation is defined by the software associated with the Command and Control Section (CCS). The torpedo uses a closed cycle chemical reaction propulsion system. The MK 50 system includes the torpedo, ancillary support equipment, workshop test and handling equipment, and logistics support facilities
  4. Navy to Field First New Torpedo in Decades. The Navy in January is expected to release a request for proposals to field its first completely new torpedo since the 1990s. Northrop Grumman has announced its intention to enter the compact rapid attack weapon program, which will seek to find a manufacturer for the prototype of a lightweight torpedo.

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as a torpedo fuel or where it is made. Headaches are the most common effects from overexposure. Other effects include loss of balance, poor eye-hand coordination, eye irritation, nasal congestion, nausea, dizziness, and difficulty breathing. This substance has been found in at least 2 of the 1,430 National Priorities List site Muere 'Torpedo' Müller a los 75 años El eterno goleador alemán, máximo anotador histórico de la Bundesliga y leyenda del Bayern y la selección, ha fallecido tras sufrir alzhéimer desde 200 A level is an incredibly helpful and versatile tool, providing assistance in a variety of different applications. For plumbers, machinists, DIYers, and even average homeowners, levels can prove indispensable for a variety of situations, and the torpedo level is a particularly valuable asset to keep on hand Første torpedo ble skutt ut 26. oktober. Torpedobatteriet Nordre Kaholmen var lenge det mest hemmelige stridsmiddel på Oscarsborg. De med tjeneste her hadde forbud om å snakke om sin arbeidsplass, selv til sine nærmeste. Oscarsborg ble mobilisert allerede i september 1939. Det ankom 400 rekrutter til opplæring 2. april

Links: Pictures and Explosion Drawings (German): Andree Schote is the reference concerning Fichtel & Sachs Torpedo Duomatic gear hubs. Spareparts and used hubs (German): Jens Hansen is another reference concerning Fichtel & Sachs, SRAM and Shimano hubs. Technical Specifications: The Duomatic internal gear hub has 2 gears: Gear 1 Ratio 1:1 Gear 2 Ratio 1:1,36 Ther Synonyms of torpedo from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for torpedo. Torpedo: a large sandwich on a long split roll

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But there's one spot that just might have them all beat: Torpedo Wharf. Located a short distance from the West Bluff picnic area, Torpedo Wharf offers unmatched views of the International Orange icon as well as of the San Francisco city skyline. Built to aid in the construction of nearby Fort Point, there's been a wharf at this site since 1854 torpedo, in naval warfare, a self-propelled submarine projectile loaded with explosives, used for the destruction of enemy ships. Although there were attempts at subsurface warfare in the 16th and 17th cent., the modern torpedo had its origin in the efforts of David Bushnell, who, during the American Revolution, experimented with a submarine submarine Find 1287 ways to say TORPEDO, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus torpedo. Del lat. torpēdo. 1. m. Selacio de cuerpo deprimido y discoidal, de hasta 40 cm, de color blanquecino en el lado ventral y más oscuro en el dorso, en donde lleva, debajo de la piel, un par de órganos musculosos, que producen corrientes eléctricas bastante intensas. La cola es más carnosa y menos larga que en la raya, y a los lados. The Torpedo C.A.B. M+ takes Two Notes' acclaimed cabinet emulation technology and packs it into a pedalboard-friendly enclosure. Thanks to this speaker cabinet emulator pedal, you can bypass your guitar or bass amplifier's cabinet while preserving every ounce of your tone and spatial dimension. This pedal is loaded right out of the box.

  1. Torpedo er en person som mot betaling utfører trusler, utpressing, voldshandlinger, sabotasje og i visse tilfeller mord.Begrepet knyttes gjerne til pengeinnkreving, der torpedoen benytter seg av trusler eller vold for å kreve inn utestående gjeld fra andre personer. Torpedoen opptrer på vegne av utlånere som ikke har klart å kreve inn pengene de lånte ut
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  3. iature nuclear reactor, the apocalypse torpedo also has effectively unlimited range
  4. Book 4. Desolation Road. by Christine Feehan. 4.02 · 3,611 Ratings · 530 Reviews · published 2020 · 8 editions. Take the ride of your life with the Torpedo Ink mo. Want to Read
  5. El torpedo, tal y como lo conocemos, fue desarrollado en 1860 por el Capitán Giovanni Luppis (también conocido como Ivan Blaz Lupis) en la ciudad de Rijeka, Croacia, que formaba parte del Imperio austrohúngaro. Fue mostrado en público por primera vez en 1860. La primera fábrica de torpedos fue construida en Rijeka
  6. um body. A rugged design that withstands tough conditions. All terrain, waterproof and shockproof. Easy-to-read oversized vials provide view from all angles. Easy-to-use, includes rare earth magnets to provide stability at any angle. Vial accuracy: 0.001 per inch Laser Leve
  7. Torpedo boat, speed with 6 tons on board, 20.8 knots per hour. (14152525917).jpg. Torpedowiec S33, 1887.jpg. Yarrow seagoing torpedo boats.jpg. Jednoosobowa łódź torpedowa na morzu (2-2573).jpg. Łodzie torpedowe na morzu (2-2575).jpg

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  1. TORPEDO Boat Extreme Ride, Cebu City. 2,210 likes · 20 talking about this · 527 were here. The TORPEDO Boat Extreme Ride is a community-based eco-tourism site promoting environmental conservation and..
  2. 207 reviews of Torpedo Factory Art Center Art studio/gallery located in Old Town Alexandria right near the water. Its got three levels where you can wander through and look at paintings, pottery, and other art crafts - with most of them available for purchase. I happened to go last night and found out that they hold an after hours event every 2nd Thursday evening of the month
  3. Product Title 88200 Ladies Pink 9-Inch Torpedo Level, Has horizont Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Current Price $8.19 $ 8 . 19 List List Price $10.65 $ 10 . 6
  4. torpedo ( 2) ( sodankäynti) veden alla kulkeva räjähdysaineella täytetty ammus, joka on tarkoitettu laivoja vastaan. ( slangia) henkilö joka käy perimässä velkoja, usein uhkailemalla. Käräjäoikeus ei löytänyt riittävästi perusteluja, että alamaailman torpedoja olisi voitu syyttää yllä mainitusta tapauksesta. (Yle/Mot
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The tsunami apocalypse torpedo, the first of its kind, is designed to travel across the world's oceans to deliver a knockout thermonuclear blow against a coastal target or city Torpëdo. Gefällt 1.566 Mal · 1 Personen sprechen darüber. Heavy/Speed aus Nürnber torpedo ( third-person singular simple present torpedoes, present participle torpedoing, simple past and past participle torpedoed ) To send a torpedo, usually from a submarine, that explodes below the waterline of the target ship. To sink a ship with one of more torpedoes. The left-back had been a selection concern because of an injury niggle.

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  1. ar a un destructor japonés al que.
  2. Media in category Torpedo boats of Sweden The following 10 files are in this category, out of 10 total. HMS Perseus vapen.svg 301 × 495; 75 KB. Hugin (1884).png. Skeplocka - Sjöhistoriska museet - O 08342.tif. Munin & Gere at Karlskrona.jpg
  3. The launch of the B-59's nuclear torpedo required the consent of all three senior officers aboard. Arkhipov was alone in refusing permission. It is certain that Arkhipov's reputation was a key.
  4. Torpedo (Deutsch): ·↑ Friedrich Kluge, bearbeitet von Elmar Seebold: Etymologisches Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache. 24., durchgesehene und erweiterte Auflage. Walter de Gruyter, Berlin/New York 2001, ISBN 978-3-11-017473-1, DNB 965096742 , Stichwort: Torpedo, Seite 921.· ↑ Klaus Willmann: Das Boot U 188. Zeitzeugenbericht aus dem Zweiten.
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The first USN torpedo was the Howell which used a flywheel for power. Although modestly successful, the Whitehead type using compressed air was adopted as it was suitable to improvements to increase range and warhead size Electric ray, also called torpedo, torpedo fish, numbfish, or crampfish, any of the rays of the families Torpedinidae, Narkidae, Narcinidae, and Hypnidae, named for their ability to produce electrical shocks.They are found worldwide in warm and temperate waters. There are numerous species of electric ray; most inhabit shallow water, but some (Benthobatis) live at depths of 1,000 m (3,300 feet. One torpedo was a dud and another ran erratic, but the other six blew open the flood gates, successfully ending the North Korean control of the river water. Modifications. Mod 1 - Improved tail, strengthened propellers, rudders moved in front of the propellers Mod 2 - 40 knot experimental torpedo, development cancelled.

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Une torpédo est une automobile décapotable. Il s'agit d'un double phaéton avec des portières avant et un pare-brise apparu vers 1910 . Historiquement, la torpédo est généralement la version la moins chère d'une gamme car son toit est simplement constitué d'une longue toile recouvrant une armature La configurazione della carrozzeria torpedo è di tipo scoperto, a profilatura filante e continua dalla calandra fino al posteriore della vettura, con un aspetto estetico simile a quello di alcuni natanti. La grande innovazione stilistica della carrozzeria torpedo, fu quella di raccordare la profilatura esterna del cruscotto e di chiudere le fiancate all'altezza dei sedili, con grande. torpedo. 葉巻型をした、水中をプロペラで進む水雷。. 航空機、船、潜水艦から発射される。. 油井の出をよくするために使われたもの。. の〕かんしゃく玉 固い地面や壁などに当てて発火させるもの。. 【語源】 競合他社に転職して、無能ぶりを発揮して.

Bike. Torpedo7 wants to get New Zealand outdoors and biking; with a huge range of men's, women's and kids bikes for sale, scooters, bike parts, tyres and so much more! Looking for protection? We have you covered with helmets, knee guards and elbow pads to keep you and your kids safe Greenlee Power Tool Accessories cut faster, last longer and improve productivity on the job site. From safe, insulated tools to screw-holding drivers, hex keys and pliers, Greenlee tools are designed by professional electricians. Increase jobsite productivity with safe, mobile and versatile material handling and storage solutions from Greenlee Torpedo Swimtalk. This podcast chats to elite Masters Swimmers from around the world, both pool and open water champions. Some are Olympians, and are competing well into their late 20's and beyond, conquering feats other swimmers are in awe of. Others have unfinished business from their youth, rediscovering their love of swimming and taking.

Torpedo, Saint-Priest. 228 likes · 81 talking about this · 1 was here. Follow all the Team Torpedo Activity Clean Mobiltity and Spor The Alexandria Archaeology Museum. Visit the museum and lab on the third floor of the Torpedo Factory Art Center, at 105 N. Union Street in historic Old Town Alexandria. The main exhibit, Archaeologists at Work: The Lee Street Site, highlights one city block to provide a fascinating glimpse of Alexandria's history and the way in which.

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  1. torpedo (n.) 1520s, electric ray (flat fish that produces an electric charge to stun prey or for defense), from Latin torpedo electric ray, originally numbness, sluggishness (the fish so called from the effect of being jolted by the ray's electric discharges), from torpere be numb (from PIE root *ster-(1) stiff). The sense of explosive device used to blow up enemy ships is first.
  2. A torpedo was a self-propelled, self-guided weapon. Torpedoes of some type were part of the standard weaponry of most Starfleet vessels in the 22nd to 24th centuries. Torpedoes were primarily used in space combat as an alternative to directed energy weapons such as disruptors and phasers. Torpedoes could be configured before launch to fit various specifications. Normally a torpedo was equipped.
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  4. ta. Moderni torpedo on muodoltaan pitkä sukkula, jonka perässä on voimansiirto- ja ohjauslaitteisto. Tavallisim
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To betray, backstab, diss, or punk someone with the intent of causing harm to their reputation Nano-treatment to torpedo cancer. The technology specifically targets cancer cells. Nanotechnology has been used for the first time to destroy cancer cells with a highly targeted package of tumour busting genes. The technique, which leaves healthy cells unaffected, could potentially offer hope to people with hard-to-treat cancers where. Sup torpedo ialah nama gelaran kepada sejenis sup yang menggunakan sebagai bahan asasnya batang pelir lembu jantan. Di Malaysia, sup torpedo ini biasanya dihidangkan di warung-warung atau restoran mamak.Sup torpedo ini biasanya akan dihidangkan dengan sebuku roti Benggali untuk mencicah sup tersebut